Parent, Student & Teacher 

We have so enjoyed having our children attend R House.  Our 2 1/2 year old has just blossomed since starting there.  His speech, eating habits and social skills have improved tremendously in just a short amount of time.  He loves his time at daycare and is frequently asking to go to "school" on the weekends.  Every day we pull in, he jumps out of the car and emmediately runs in the door to start his day.  Every day i come back to find my children - and all the other kids - smiling, laughing, playing and having just a really good time. We cannot thank you all enough for providing a caring and safe environment for both of our children so we feel comfortable leaving them and being at work.

Audrey Wilson Sanoe

Current Parent

I worked for Rhonda for years!  Her and Steve are the BEST caring people  As their former employee I have never had such an amazing family inside a work place.  They care so much for every kiddo there and truly go the extra mile.  I see the passion every day.  Rhonda loves those kids like they are their own and the kids LOOOOOOOVE  Stevie's cooking!  Wish I could have satyed there forever!  I would never take my child to any faciliy in Boise unless it was Rhonda & Steve's!

Whitney Owen,

Former Employee

My daughter still misses

Miss Rhonda..... after 2 years!  

Fabiola Urena Boeck,

Former Parent

I started with R House when it was still

an in home daycare with just Rhonda watching a few kids.  My younger sister, cousin and I continued with R House to the first Meridian location, then to the Boise location as well.  I can't even begin to describe how important the Williamson family was growing up.  My parents always used to joke that I wanted to be there more than I wanted to be home.  I was by no means a model child and my cousing and I were challenging but never once did I feel threatened or alieanted by anyone.  I have amazing memories and photos to prove my time at R House was like being part of a family.  For anyone looking for a place to take their child I highly recomment R House.  The owners take the upmost care of each and everyone and choose staff the feel best suited for teaching and nurturing as they grow.  As I got older I attended other facilities for after school care but nothing compared to R House.  R House was one of my greates childhood experiences so please support this local business and amaingly caring and supportive family because the absolutely deserve it!

Mackenie Lawrence,

Former Student


Jack has been attending since 12 weeks old.  Rhonda and Steve care deeply for every child.  They hire the best staff and Jack loves to to to preschool/daycare.  Thanks for helping to make the Jak the sweet, smart, funny, caring and polite boy he is today!

Laura Warner Ursillo

Former Parent

Both of our children went to R House.  Our now 21 and 14 year old daughter hold fond memories of their first and ONLY child care experience.  I feel both children are the young people they are today because of the foundation they received at R House.  They are courteous, caring, smart kids and a large part of that is due to the positive influlence that Rhonda and Steve provided.  R House is more than just a child care/preschool experience, it is truly a family experience!  If you are looking for more than a facility that will just  "watch" your child and want somewhere that will treat you and your family like part of theirs, then R House is your place!

Carol & Lance Nickerson

Former Parents

A close friend referred us to R House and we are so thankful!  Both of our boys attended R House and they loved it and so did we!  The owners mantra is that it is all about the kids and giing them the care and education they need.  Both my boys came out feeling very loved and cared for and were also the top of the Kindergarten class and early readers.  I highly recommend this daycare/preschool - can't say enough good things about it.

Suzy & Brian Cavanaugh

Former Parents