Preschool Program

We start our learning time from birth, but actual arts and crafts begin just after one.   We are avid believers that the more you can expose them to all aspects of learning, the more they succeed. 


We teach them to finger paint, brush paint, watercolor, bubble paint, straw paint and marble paint along with using crayons, color pencils and markers.  We have various other writing and free drawing activities as well; like chalk, dry erase markers and boards and blank paper with pencils. 


Our learning time starts with circle time which consists of a good morning song along with various other songs and finger plays.  On Mondays we like to take the time to “chit-chat” with the students and share what we did over the weekend.


Next is repetitive learning;  This includes the daily calendar, colors, shapes, the weather, letter and number recognition .  The pledge allegiance (geometric shapes and the states are part of the preschool and prek programs), and R House rules are repeated and the weekly/daily theme is discussed.   On “letter days” or  “show and tell days” during letter weeks the children bring an item from home that starts with that particular letter. 


The daily craft corresponds with the weekly theme.  Another words, if it is a letter week, all the crafts chosen will begin with that letter.  (Example: Letter “L” week - we make a “lion”.)  Each class varies on crafts dependent on age appropriateness and each teacher’s creativity.  We also have various other themes during each month that vary from “holidays” to “on the farm”.


Our extended learning various upon age; we may choose to play a number game, where they begin their early math learning for example.  We may choose rhyme time, opposites, positional thinking, music and dancing, body parts, a game, play dough, the computer or classroom discussion to further their learning.


Each classroom learning time calendar is located on this page accordingly.