Monthly Food Menu

We offer hot meals!  We serve our students a light breakfast, a hot lunch and a nutritious snack Monday through Thursday.  On Friday’s we offer breakfast and snack but the students get to bring their own Lunch Box!  We added the lunch box day, when it was suggested by a parent years ago.  It’s a great way for the children to feel like “big kids”.


We serve well balanced lunches including, a protein (like chicken nuggets), a carbohydrate (like mashed potatoes with gravy), a vegetable (like corn), fruit (like applesauce) and milk.  We serve Vitamin D milk to those under the age of 2.


We serve “family style” in our preschool and pre-k classrooms!  This helps with self-confidence, coordination, balance and they LOVE it!  Watching them make appropriate choices in during their mealtime is very rewarding.  We ask them to take a “no thank you bite” if they have never tried something and nine times out of ten they end up loving it!


At our tables manners are a must!  We raise our hand to ask our teacher politely if we would like to have more of something or to “please be excused”.  We have sinks readily available to make sure their hands and faces are washed prior to and after ALL meals.

Nutrition is our Priority