Established in 1993, R House Child Care has a reputation for providing quaity care, a loving environment and daily lessons that instill self confidence and self control, as well as a one of a kind preschool program.

Our unwavering goal to provide quality caregivers and teachers, while  personally working with them daily 

is what makes our center one of the most sought after facilities in Boise .

Placing a high value on diversity and interaction, we strive to create a positive and comfortable environment for infants and toddlers. Parents know their children are safe and provided for. In addition, children are provided the foundations for learning and growth needed to become successful in school.

Our Mission Statement

We are a loving, boundary based facility utilizing positive discipline for personal accountability and self control.  We focus our academics to exceed expectations of the norm.  We also encompass each child's well roundedness to include self confidence, good manners, courtesy for others, self respect as well as respect for others.

We believe building a well rounded, kind, courteous, good character always starts at home.  The desire to have a facility build upon your basic moral foundation and caregivers to be an extension of you and your spouse, is how our cooperative partnership fourishes.  The term "it takes a village", founded our philosophy.  We love to participate in your child's daily life, as well as their extended family.  Therefore, we are MORE that just a daycare or preschool, we are extentions of YOU.  We take pride in family.

An Ever-Growing Story

Our Philosophy